About Us

Mool has been established with a simple purpose — to advise the world’s largest cohort of new savers. We want to lead every Indian to a fuller life.

A foundation for financial independence
We make it easy for you to get all your financial data in one place, make financial plans, make investments and accelerate your learning.
Deeper connect with people
We speak to you in your language without jargon and customise financial products that fit your life.
A broader perspective of wealth
We always think of wealth in context to the whole of a person, their family and their dreams.

Mool goes to the root of your relationship with money to make it simple

मूल अर्थ

The word Mool takes many meanings in Hindi and Sanskrit, with its essence being close to the ‘root’ or ‘source’.

Our aim is to solve the deep design and distribution challenges that keep people from making the most of economic opportunities.

Imagine a financial package for the start of the sowing season, a business-in-a-box for fresh graduates, or longevity insurance for retirees.

Starting with a credit builder card, we are evolving a suite of bundled financial services that holistically address economic and behavioural needs.

A fuller life awaits you.

Working for One India Unified by financial success

Mool stands by Indian households across the income spectrum.

We think beyond the traditional urban-rural, rich-poor divides.

Income and wealth in India are spread out across the country and financial problems are common to us all, even if the proposed solutions are different.

We are for everyone.